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5 Ways To Make Your Stair Landing Better And More Useful

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Could the landing of your staircase do more than just provide an entrance and exit? Many homeowners overlook the stair landing in their interior design, leaving a utilitarian and somewhat wasted space that could be much more interesting. To help you find the right way to dress up your landing, here are a few simple ideas to consider. 

1. Highlight Windows

Many landings incorporate a window of some kind. Are you using it as a focal point for decorating? Dress up that window, add seating, and make sure you're taking advantage of its light and/or views. Make it a destination and a reason for people to stop and smell the roses as they reach the top of the stairs. 

2. Add a Bench

One of the easiest and most practical furnishings to place in a landing area is a storage bench. Whether freestanding or built-in, the bench provides a spot for a variety of activities the family may do, but storage underneath makes full use of the space. Just be sure not to overload the area with an oversize bench. Scale it appropriately. 

3. Create a Micro Office

Not every home has the space for a full home office or two. Could your landing provide a small nook for desk work? It can be any size that works with your space — ranging from a simple table for a laptop to a built-in desk that houses all your family finances. 

4. Transition Decor

The stairs are a bridge between the upper floor and the lower one. Does your design help people make that transition? Use this space to blend color palettes, design styles, and patterns from one to the other. This can be challenging depending on how cohesive your home decor is, but it makes things look more unified. 

5. Add Wall Art

If your landing area is compact, you may not have the space to add furniture or floor-based decor. Wall art solves the problem. The walls as you climb the stairs and the landing as you exit are the perfect place for a gallery wall. Lead users up the stairs with smaller, clustered art and place a statement piece at the top.

Where to Start

Could your landing do a better job of integrating into the home or adding functional space? Start finding out by meeting with an interior design professional in your area today. With their expertise and vision, you'll soon recapture this potentially useful and attractive spot.