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4 Tips For Your Landscape Lighting

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If you are looking to improve your curb appeal and boost your home's exterior once the sun sets, then you need to upgrade your landscape lighting. If you put the time and effort in to ensure that your property looks pristine, then you want to ensure that others are able to see your property even after it is dark out. However, it takes strategic planning when it comes to landscape lighting, so here are a few tips to ensure that you get it right.

Tip #1: Place Emphasis on Your Best Features

You don't necessarily need to add lighting to every inch of the property, but you do want to highlight some of the key element of the property. Take a close look at the property and pick out key hardscaping, landscaping, and architectural features that you want to draw attention to and determine how you could illuminate them (possibly from above or below).

Tip #2: Don't Overlook Functionality

While you want to make the key features of your property pop, you also need ensure that you are enhancing visibility of the functional areas of the property for guests once the sun sets. For instance, illuminate the driveway, walkway, and front door. Homes that are well-lit will be less likely to be targeted by thieves and burglars.

Tip #3: Choose the Right Bulbs

Not all light bulbs are created equally. LED is often chosen for its vividness and efficiency, but you also want to consider wattage. Ultimately, you need to strike a balance between it all. Your goal should be to create subtle accents with a little drama. In the end, though, you want to opt for a lower wattage bulb.

Tip #4: Consider Using Timers

Wouldn't it be a shame if you or someone else in the home forgot to flip the switch to turn on the landscaping lighting after it was installed? Then all that hard work would have essentially been for nothing. To help prevent something like this from happening, you may want to consider having a timer installed that will automatically turn the lights on. The timing can be updated throughout the year so that the property is illuminated right after dusk.

If you are ready to illuminate your property so that it can look even better than it does now, talk to a landscaping lighting design professional in your area who can help you craft and implement a plan that correlates with your landscape lighting goals.