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How To Hang Family Portraits In Your Home

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Family portraits are beautiful and create lifelong memories. While the images of your family deserve to be in your home, where you choose to hang your photos will have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the images and even the feel of the room. Learn some family portrait hanging tips to get the most from your photos.

Look at the Frame

Make sure you look at the frame on the photo before you hang the picture. A frame is an important element because the frame dramatically affects the appearance of the photo. Additionally, once you hang the frame on the wall, it will serve as a style accessory in the room. 

From the color to the texture of the frame, every element needs to complement the room where the frame hangs. If you already have a spot in mind where you want to hang the portrait, have a custom frame installed. With a custom picture frame, you can perfectly design the frame to pair well with the space. 

Be Mindful of the Theme

Every room has a theme, whether you realize it or not. For example, have you ever walked into a room and all the sudden felt warm and comfortable? On the contrary, have you ever walked into a room and felt a strong sense of elegance? All the feelings you experienced were intentionally brought about by the room's design elements. 

Choose a portrait that speaks to the room's theme. For a room all about comfort, a relaxed photo is a great addition. However, for a more formal space, you should also go with one of your more formal images.

Protect the Photos

Be mindful of protecting the pictures when you decide where to hang them. Take an entryway foyer, for example. A canvas portrait might not work well in this instance. If the door is open for long periods during the day, the sun can damage the canvas image. 

If you open the door when it's raining, moisture can get inside and settle on the canvas as well, which can also cause damage. A traditional glass covered photograph would be better in this instance. Remember, you want to keep your portrait in the family for many years, so you must do your part to protect it. 

After the photo session, the hard work is not over. Now you have to put on your thinking cap to determine the best place to hang your portraits. Let your creativity be the guide.