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3 Factors To Consider When Buying Walk-In Bathtubs

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One of the ways you can boost the value of your home is by installing walk-in baths. These baths come with many advantages, from safety features to hydrotherapy benefits. Before you buy a home walk-in bathtub, here are some considerations you need to bear in mind.

Conduct Your Research

There are a variety of walk-in bathtubs with numerous features and functionality. It's essential to compare the pros and cons of each of these bathtubs to find the one best suited for your home.

Some main types of walk-in tubs include walk-in air baths, deep soaking tubs, and bariatric walk-in tubs. A walk-in air bath uses water as the traditional bathtub. However, the air in the tub's numerous jets allows it to pump air throughout the bath.

On the other hand, a deep soaking tub is deeper than a walk-in air bath. With this bathtub, you can submerge yourself completely while standing upright. Lastly, the bariatric bathtub features wider doors and deep soaking areas. It is suited for people with more weight.

Door Options

An important aspect of a walk-in tub is its door. The door enables you access to the tub instead of climbing over a wall. When choosing a residential walk-in tub, you need to determine whether you want a door that opens outward or into the tub.

When choosing a door option, think about where the tub will be and who will be accessing it. An outward swinging door requires more space than an inward swinging door. Nevertheless, the outward swinging door is suited for a person who is disabled to maneuver around the bathroom.


It's important that you determine whether a walk-in tub will fit in your bathroom. Make sure you take accurate measurements from the suppliers. This will help them choose the appropriate model for your bathroom. Depending on the measurements of your bathroom, you might need to make some renovations to accommodate the bathtub.

Bath space is a major concern for people who have older houses with half-baths suited for senior or disabled persons. Many companies have walk-in tubs that range from 26 to 35 inches wide

In Closing

There is a lot that goes into installing a residential walk-in bathtub. You need to ensure you choose a bathtub within your budget range. Also, you also need to choose a tub that is ADA compliant. Consult a bathroom renovation professional company, like 720 Interiors, for assistance in choosing the appropriate home walk-in bathtub for your bathroom.