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Tips For Hiring An Interior Designer

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Whether you've moving into a new house and want to give it a personalized stamp, or you simply want to revamp your current home, an interior designer can help make your decor dreams a reality. You can work with the designer to give any room in your house a warm, customized feel, and make your home a place you feel comfortable and relaxed in.

You may think that hiring an interior designer is only for people with a large home decorating budget, but calling in a pro can actually help save you money in the long run. If you're not happy with the look of your home, you may keep purchasing items in an attempt to give it the right vibe. If you hire an interior designer, however, you can make sure that the changes you make the pieces you purchase are going to be around for the long haul.

If you're on a tight home remodeling budget, you can opt just to have one or two rooms professionally decorated. For example, you can have the designer transform your room into a personalized respite, or turn your living room into the centerpiece of the house. 

The following are some additional tips for hiring an interior designer:

1. Have Your Home Assessed 

Prior to hiring an interior designer, have them assess your home to see what they can do to improve it. Make sure that their vision matches yours so that you're on the same decorating page. 

An interior designer can also tell you which items you can have repurposed or reupholstered, which can end up saving you money. Having your home assessed prior to the redecorating process will help you plan an accurate budget.

2. Ask for References

After narrowing down your list of potential interior designer options, ask for references of past clients, or ask to see their recent portfolio of work. This will allow you to see if their design style matches your needs. For instance, if a particular designer is known for her modern touch and you prefer a more rustic, natural look in your home, they probably aren't the right match for you.

3. Determine a Timeline 

After deciding on the perfect interior designer, work with him or her to determine a timeline. They may have other projects already lined up, so ask when they expect to complete the work in your home. This is especially important if you're on a tight schedule and hoping to have your home decorated by a specific time period, such as the holidays.