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7 Ways You Can Update Your Master Bedroom

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For many people, the master bedroom is their sanctuary. When the bedroom is outdated, plans to retreat from the world into the room can be disrupted. If you are looking for simple ways to update your bedroom, here are several ways you can do it.  

  1. Paint the nightstands. Renovating your bedroom does not always mean you have to toss out the old and buy all new. Painting your nightstands is an easy way of adding color and interest to the room.  

  2. Make your own artwork. Your bedroom does not have to feature expensive artworks. You can design your own prints to hang in the room. Even a large quilt can be hung on the wall as a decorative feature.  

  3. Update your bed linen. Since the bed is the largest object in your room, it is usually the focal point. The linens you select for it can help set the tone for the whole room. For instance, if you opt for white or neutral linens, the room will appear to be lighter and airier.  

  4. Remove anything that is not bedroom-related. Office furniture and gym equipment do not belong in the room. Remember, the idea is to create a sanctuary and it is difficult to create the relaxing state you want anything work-related is occupying your space.  

  5. Add more lighting. If you only have an overhead fixture in your bedroom, you need to add more lighting. Lighting helps to brighten the room and can help lift your spirits. You do not have to go overboard. Table lamps on the nightstand or floor lamps can help set the right mood. 

  6. Dump the extra pillows. Even if you are obsessed with having a bunch of pillows on the bed, it is time to get rid of them. Extra pillows can actually be overwhelming and be exhausting when you have to take the time to remove and rearrange them.  

  7. Paint the ceiling. A painted ceiling can help transform a room and add to the atmosphere. You can choose to match the walls or even go with a different color. If you opt to paint the ceiling a different color, you can add character to the room.  

There are many other ways you can transform your master bedroom. An interior designer, like one from B Graham Interiors, can help you find your vision for the room and implement the changes you want so that you can enjoy the space the way you always wanted to.