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Home Sweet...Fake Home? Why Home-Staging Services Are Necessary and What to Expect

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If you are trying to sell your home, you are probably having a very rough time of it. The problem may not be your home at all, but rather the interested parties who lose interest after viewing your home. Not all home buyers have visionary skills, and as such, what they see may be disagreeable enough that they drop the idea of buying your house. What you need is an interior decorator and home-staging services that make buyers more interested. Here is why these services are necessary and what to expect from your interior designer during this process.

Why These Services Are Necessary

Most people have their own unique sense of style. Many people tend to be very eclectic about what they like and do not like in their homes, which often creates a disconnected mesh of stuff that other people may not find very attractive. While buyers should be looking at the house for its potential or current attractiveness, they are often distracted by the stuff in it. As such, they cannot see your house for what it is and discard it onto their mental ''no buy" pile. Home-staging and interior-design services make your house like something out of a Better Homes and Gardens or Martha Stewart Living magazine, and then nearly everyone finds it attractive.

Creating a "Fake" Home

Your home is still your own during the home-staging process, but many of your belongings will not be shown with the house. Typically this is done for any and all open house showings you have until your home sells. Buyers then see this "fake" home environment and realize what an incredible house you have, and the bids will start coming in.

Moving Stuff Out and In

For the staging process, a portable mini-storage unit or shipping crate is parked outside. All of your stuff is moved out, and then the designer moves all of his or her stuff into the house. All of these items are usually borrowed from home goods and furnishing stores because this gives the stores free advertising and cuts down on the costs for you and your designer.

The designer then positions all of these items in visually pleasing ways. When the open house is finished, the designer moves everything back out and moves all of your stuff back in. The process may be repeated until you stop having open-house events, sell your home, or move out completely and let the designer and real-estate agent take over.