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3 Tips For Maintaining A Cowhide Rug

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Many homeowners add cowhide rugs to their décor because of their natural design and beauty. This type of rug is also durable and low maintenance. It helps to understand that cowhide rugs are natural and can be affected by their environment. Knowing how to care for and handle your rug can ensure longevity. Here are three tips to help you maintain your rug.

Keep the Corners From Curling

The corners of a cowhide rug tend to curl at the corners. Curling occurs because the corners are the thinnest part of the rug. To fix the problem, you can spray some water on the backside and massage the water into the area. Next, you want to fold your rug back down and sit some heavy books on the corners for a couple of days. The edges should now lay straight. To prevent curling, you want to keep your rug away from heat and direct sunlight.

Keep It From Smelling

Cowhide rugs can smell because they are not machine-washable or able to be dry cleaned. It helps to know what to do if you encounter this problem. To stop the smell, you can hang your rug outdoors and allow it to air out. You can also follow this up by sprinkling carpet deodorizer on your rug.

Keep It From Staining

Two of the most common problems are your rug getting stained and dirt on it. These problems usually occur when your rug is in a high traffic area. It is easy for a guest or someone in the home to spill some food or a drink.

When someone spills food or a drink, you can take a damp cloth with a soapy solution and wipe the spot. Next, you want to make a cleaning solution from water and vinegar. You want to dip your cloth in the water-vinegar solution and wipe the stained spot. The area should now be stain-free.

To get rid of dirt, you want to take your rug outside and shake it off. You can also gently vacuum it. These steps will prevent your cowhide rug from staining.

Many families invest a lot of time and money in decorating their homes. It helps to add décor pieces that are resilient. Cowhide rugs are often used as the focal point. They also add comfort, provide cushion and add artistic value. It also helps to add décor pieces to your home that are easy to maintain.